When researching the earphone market, Costar teamed up with a group of professional music experts from Singapore to analyze the top 50 songs in India's 2022 hit song. We realised that many Indian hit songs have strong beats or bass (not instruments), such as "Check My Fizz" by Badshah and Chakshu Kotwal. Therefore, we have customized the "Bass Booster" button, especially for Indian consumers.

Costar's Mateband not only has high-quality sound but also features a one-touch bass function that allows you to switch between bass modes wherever you are, when you're in a noisy street or a quiet library, at the touch of a button. Besides one tap bass button mode, we also have bass boost mode. What exactly does bass boost mode sound like? It will offer you an immersive surround sound experience.

So, why the Costar "Bass Booster Button" works, and why we said it suits for people of India? 

10mm Dynamic Driver to Satisfy Your "Bass" First Experience

If you're looking for earbuds that deliver a thick bass punch, definitely go for the ones with dynamic drivers. These drivers featured a larger diaphragm. They do a stellar job of delivering powerful bass and attaining good sound pressure without consuming much power. Costar Mateband Cashmere Composite tantalized Diaphragm plus Voice Coils, Internal structure Relatively thick, the bass will be clearer, and the sound quality will be softer than others. 

EQ Tuning-Special for India

Dynamic Driver is not enough for bass boost. For young India, Costar music team also designs Special customized EQ Tuning. Music has a wide range of different sounds, each with a specific frequency. This frequency is then converted into sound when it reaches our ear. EQ is used to find your preferred balance between these frequencies in your music based on the environment, the listening method, and your personal preference.

Bass Booster Button

Switching bass mode with one touch means you don't need to take your phone to change the bass mode, only push one button, and then you can experience bass mode impressively. Why did Costar design the Bass Booster button? Costar team has found very few neckbands on the market have bass buttons, but we all know that the presentation of bass effects in music is essential. That's why Costar has made it easy for young people in India to enjoy the immersive experience brought by bass while improving the convenience and experience.

These all take the listening experience to the next level. Enjoy a world of bass without the burden and immerse yourself in the magic of bass with Costar. Click here to experience your bass life.

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October 11, 2022 — Felix Wu

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