What's the difference between TWS and Neckband? There is no significant difference for most people. However, the neckband is more suitable for people constantly on the move, because it doesn't get lost easily. What is all about the Hall Magnetic function? The magnetic earbuds act as a switch by pausing music when stuck together and automatically start playing when pulled apart.

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Hall Magnetic function is already common in earbuds, whether in TWS or Neckband. Early in 1879, Hall Effect was discovered by Edwin Herbert Hall, who was an American physicist. In the beginning, the Hall effect was only used in electrical systems. Today, the Hall effect is more relevant to our life than ever, with ignition systems for cars, electric motor control, etc. This technology is now being applied to Costar's Mateband.

Nowadays, most neckbands have magnetic that keeps your earbuds always on your neck. However, Magnetic does not work for controlling music or phone calls ON/OFF; it needs the Hall effect. You need a magnet as a carrier if you want the Hall Effect to control the music switch. Based on Costar marketing's research on the Indian market, most neckbands with Hall magnetic cost more than Rs 1500. Therefore, the Costar team has decided to use the Hall magnetic function in Mateband under Rs. 1000 to enhance the product's user experience. Hall Magnetic function is not innovative in earbuds, but Costar excels in price.

Choosing a suitable neckband with Hall magnetic is essential and can be used as a companion in everyday life. If you also want musical accompaniment, convenience, and a high-quality musical experience, Costar Mateband is the only choice for you.

October 11, 2022 — Felix Wu

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