Deep noise cancellation is likely to increase ear pressure and safety risks from not being able to hear the surroundings. To solve this, we would like to introduce ‘ActiveSpace’, which is a balanced noise cancellation concept. Our team has designed and developed the noise cancellation to provide the best possible noise reduction for the difference environment and improves the comfort level of the human ear.

StarPlay EQ™

Music has a wide range of various sounds and each features a certain frequency. Therefore, Costar has formed a special team, including professional musical teams and music studios, in Singapore, India, and London to collect listening preferences from multiple countries. As a result, we designed this customized EQ as an immersive listening experience just for YOU.


To prevent battery anxiety the Costar technical team has worked with experts to develop a unique battery solution called “HexaEnergy”. With the exclusive “HexaEnergy”, Costar technical team has increased the battery life to 30% of its original battery, optimizing the experience and relieving battery- anxiety in a headset of the same size and battery specification.